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OpenThought is a smaller shop than many web hosting companies you may have heard of; what we lack in name recognition, we seek to dazzle you with service, flexibility, and available features!

Small or not, we think you'll find OpenThought rivals anyone in reliability, and the staff are insightful and competent.

Hosting Features

General Features:

Hosting Base Plan, $10.00/month



Interested in selling standalone accounts to individuals and/or businesses? Inquire for pricing!


OpenThought LLC accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, and check. You can pay every three months, six months, or yearly (note: to pay via credit card, you must be invoiced every 3 months). Credit cards will be billed as OpenThought LLC.

If at any time you desire to cancel service, simply notify us and you'll be refunded for all unused hosting time.