OpenThought AJAX Library

AJAX Library

The OpenThought AJAX Library is a library which implements an API for AJAX/Remote Scripting, which means you can send data to and from the browser without needing to reload the page. Our AJAX library strives to provide a simple yet powerful and flexible means for creating such applications. Further, it's compatible with a wide range of browsers, from Internet Explorer 4+, Netscape 4+, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, Opera, Konqeueror, and others.

Download the Latest Releases

To install OpenThought, you can either download it from here, or install it from CPAN (perl -MCPAN -e 'install OpenThought'). There is also an SVN tree available (see below).

Recommended: OpenThought 2 Development Version

OpenThought 2 (1.99.16), August 25 2007: OpenThought-1.99.16.tar.gz

OpenThought 2 (1.99_09), August 19 2007: OpenThought-1.99_09.tar.gz

OpenThought 2 (1.99_07), August 31 2006: OpenThought-1.99_07.tar.gz

OpenThought 2 (1.99_05), July 26 2005: OpenThought-1.99_05.tar.gz

OpenThought 2 (1.99_04), July 25 2005: OpenThought-1.99_04.tar.gz

OpenThought 2 (1.99_03), July 19 2005: OpenThought-1.99_03.tar.gz

OpenThought Classic Releases (not recommended)


OpenThought 0.71: OpenThought-0.71.tar.gz

OpenPlugin 0.11: OpenPlugin-0.11.tar.gz

Development Snapshots

OpenThought 0.768: (8/30/04) OpenThought-0.768.tar.gz

OpenPlugin 0.112: OpenPlugin-0.112.tar.gz

SVN Access

SVN is used for all development, and is sometimes updated several times a day. I typically don't do a commit until the code is working, but you never know for sure. So if you use svn, do so at your own risk :-)

Browse SVN Repository

You can use the following instructions to download the OpenThought and OpenPlugin, CVS source trees.

Initial checkout of the SVN Code

svn checkout

Updating an existing tree

Go into the openthought2 directory created in the steps outlined above, and simply type the following line

svn update